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Why Germany

There are such a lot of important motives to Study in Germany. German Universities have an amazing allure for college students from all over Europe (and past) for as a minimum a closing couple of centuries. There’s no denying, however, that increasingly young human beings from everywhere in the international are putting their points of interest on Germany, as the cease vacation spot for the pursuit of their desires of higher education (in particular Master and Ph.d. studies).


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Rhein Konsultant provides a platform that connects students with the public universities of Germany, empowering the students to make the…


The students graduate with a final Federal medical exam after at least six years of medical school. Graduates get their…


Post-graduation courses after MBBS is consistently a point of stress for Indian specialists. On searching for elective arrangements, they actually…


Germany is a member of the European Higher Education Area which aims to guarantee compatible and coherent systems of higher…


A bachelor's qualification is an undergrad scholastic degree granted by colleges and Universities lasting three to seven years (contingent upon…


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I did a lot of research in search of the best Course (in Engineering) & Institution in Germany and I was stretched and concerned for my schedule, RHEIN, all the way helped me save a  year by instantaneously getting me aware of pathway for admission to a public university of my choice and the course of my preference. As well as getting me a visa in the speculated time frame and put me on a plane right before my orientation week in my dream country. I wish them all the very best.

Vishal Singh

Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Getting into a top university is much easier to dream than reality, I was baffled for a couple of months with the information on “How to get into Top Ranked universities” over the internet. The whole thing went smoothly from Admissions to Visa at RHEIN.

Farhan Anjum


RHEIN made it very convenient and shaped a new exciting phase in my life towards high success.

Adventurous, knowledgeable, fruitful and excitement, these four words describe my experience in University of Germany. Exposure to the extremely passionate teachers and students has made me more passionate about realizing my objectives in life.

Naman Kumar

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

I am glad that I approached RHEIN KONSULTANT, who are only trusted in International Education in Germany, well in time. The RHEIN’S staff treats each and every student very seriously and hold themselves accountable towards every student equally. I would want to thank RHEIN from the bottom of my heart, for what I am today.


Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Some of consultants assured me an admission in a top German Public University where my eligibility criteria was not matching, All this ended up after my visa rejection. RHEIN helped me to come out from this lot of mess, which was created and guided me with the correct pathway pertaining to my course & also, language Institution guidance, as well as got my admissions done and resulting in grant of my visa.

Sourav Nanda

Bachelor in Hotel Management




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