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Conditional letter – Rhein Konsultant

Conditional letter

A Conditional offer letter is a letter provided by the University you have chosen for pursuing your Bachelors’s in Germany. It is a formal agreement for which you have to agree to the conditions laid by the University in academic aspects. It is the type of letter you need to give it to the admission office by signing it. It has some of the conditions that you have to complete before signing it and becoming a student of that university.  It mostly includes pre-academic tests or some preparatory measures.

We will take care of getting you a conditional letter. We will apply for conditional university admission based on your preferences and selected university degree. The admission process may take 6-12 weeks. Afterward, the admission letter and additional documents for the visa application will be sent to you by courier. To make good use of the waiting time we recommend you apply for an appointment at the German embassy or consulate in your home country and gather additional information about your individual university major.