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Counselling – Rhein Konsultant


Rhein Konsultant provides a platform that connects students with the public universities of Germany, empowering the students to make the right choice with fewer efforts. We as consultants use to guide students and give proper career counseling related to education. We are here to satisfy students and make their future bright. Nevertheless, Rhein Konsultant knows the value of time and money, so give the best services to the students.


We offer you with the best expert advice and professional counsellors to start your career abroad and seek out solutions for the difficulties you have been facing to excel in this. For us, counselling is a quality and not mere advice or decision-making process. You will be guided towards your dream college and earn excellence. Starting from knowing you to landing you in German public university, it is all our duty.

In counselling, our experts will answer 5-W and 1-H questions covering all your queries like,

  • When can I apply?
  • How to start the procedure?
  • What are the prerequisites in the admission process?
  • Where can I seek for details required for the application form?
  • Why should I choose this/that university or course?
  • Who can help me with the procedure?

And many more…