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Insurance Support – Rhein Konsultant

Insurance Support

Germany requires all students in Germany to have insurance, including foreign students, guest researchers, and language course students. Proof of health insurance is also an important requirement during your student visa and university enrolment process.

International students in Germany enrolled in a degree program in most cases are eligible to obtain low-cost public insurance. Foreign students in Germany are required to have health insurance during their studies, by German law. You need proof of health insurance to get enrolled at a Germany university and to get your student visa. Students can get either compulsory insurance or private health insurance.

The good thing about being fully insured is the peace of mind knowing that if you happen to have health problems, you can go visit the doctor and get hospital services knowing that you won’t have to pay the large medical bills out of your pocket.

There are two types of health insurance in Germany:

  1. The compulsory health insurance (public)
  2. Private health insurance.

Even if you have basic coverage, many students also get additional health insurance plans that cover specific conditions and are customized for them. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to health-related issues.

To ensure your safety and health measures, we provide health insurance support and guidance to choose the best plan fitting all your needs and requirements.