Why Nursing?

Nurses all over the world play a big part in ensuring that patients receive the best care while making the work of medical physicians a lot easier. If nursing is your preferred profession, then you must be on the lookout for the best universities in the world for international students. Some of the most popular destinations for international students include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany.

The latter is not short of world-class universities, and certainly, you can’t miss finding one that offers the best education in nursing. Germany is known for its excellence in the academic sector. Apart from classwork, you will enjoy the country’s cultural traditions and any sightseeing opportunities. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the country’s nursing education and how you can study in some of the prestigious German universities.

Facts about Germany

Of course, before you visit a place, you will need to know a few facts about it. Similarly, before you fly to Germany, it is wise to gather some general information regarding the destination. As you might already know, it is officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany and is made up of 16 states. The capital city, which is apparently the largest of all German cities, is Berlin. It has the largest population in the EU and covers the third-largest land in Western Europe. Apart from being among the superpowers in Europe, it also has one of the best education systems.

How is the Nursing Education in Germany?

The importance of nursing in Germany cannot be overstated. Top universities in the country have included the program as a significant component in their curriculum. Germany is experiencing a shortage of qualified nurses, hence the need for prioritising it in some of the top colleges. In fact, many public institutions are currently implementing incentives and financial aids for nursing students. A qualified nursing student in German is now almost guaranteed of a job post once they are enrolled in the program.

You might be wondering how you can get a chance to study at these universities as an international student. There are a few ways through which you can apply, and one of them is by using an admission portal designed for foreigners. But before you do that, you will first need to identify the ideal university that meets your needs. Here is a list of some universities that might interest you.

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German Universities that offer Nursing Programs

Ulm University

Ulm University was established in 1967 and focus more on natural and applied sciences. The school is located in Ulm city, Baden-Wurttemberg. Times Higher Education ranks it among the best young universities. Like all other German Nursing Schools, Ulm University’s curriculum ensures that every student engages in practical training for at least six months.

Osnabruck University of Applied Science

What makes this university more attractive for studying nursing in Germany is the inclusion of an IT lab meant for teaching advanced applications within the field. It is probably one of the most digital-oriented learning environments among all nursing schools in the country.

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

The school’s department of Nursing and Health commenced its operations in 1996. As such, it is the youngest of all existing departments at Bielefeld University. The course doesn’t only instil knowledge in the minds of the learners but also ensures that they grow to be responsible and more productive in the industry.

Does the Job Suit me ?

Are you interested in science and medical topics? Do you like to help and are you social? Then this profession is something for you. Resilience is important in dealing with the sick and their relatives. As a health and nurse, you should also be a team player and communicative and have no reservations. Empathy in dealing with patients is helpful and also helps to stay calm in difficult situations.

  1. There is a severe shortage of qualified nurses in Germany especially due to the baby boomers retiring in thousands nowadays. As such there are tens of thousands of nurse vacancies in German hospitals, nursing homes, and several other care establishments.
  2. The official language of Germany is German and common people do not understand or use any other language including English. Since German is generally not taught as a second language in schools in most of the third world countries like India, German language speaking foreign nurses are not becoming adequately available to meet the rising demand.
  3. Indian nurses are now welcome to work in Germany. What they need is a university bachelors (BSc or PBBSc) in Nursing, a few years of work experience (optional) and of course, German Language Certificate at B2 level.
  4. But they have stipulations regarding the clinical work experience (expressed in work hours) the foreign nurses must possess in order to have full registration as a nurse. Because of this, most of the fresh graduates do not fully qualify for entering the register to start practising as nurses in Germany.


You help sick people and can directly experience the positive effects on your patients. That makes sense and motivates you.

Team work is indispensable in health care and nursing. You work closely with your colleagues and other healthcare professionals to help make your patients fit again; You also learn a lot from the others.

You work with people, so no two days are the same. In addition, you take on many different tasks – from care to medical activities to social interactions.

If you want to go higher, you have several options. You can educate yourself and z. For example, a nurse in the operating theatre or as an intensive care nurse can provide the seriously ill with intensive care. Also, studying a health field is a good option. For this you usually need a high school diploma.

How to Apply

  1. Once you have decided which university suits you best, you can now move to the next step. As you research the best institution, remember to find out the requirements for admission. Since German universities are run independently from each other, the documents needed before you are considered for enrollment may vary. Therefore, it is prudent to research on such details to avoid any inconveniences later.
  2. After you have considered every aspect up to this point, the next step to study nursing in Germany will be to send your application to the university of your choice. As stated earlier, applications to German universities are made via an admission portal; However, not all universities support this method, and you might need to send them your forms directly. Note that in some universities, the application deadlines for nursing and engineering programs may vary slightly. As such, you will need to regularly check the institution’s news feed.
  3. Although the required documents may differ from one university to another, some are common across all institutions. Some of these documents include a passport photo, a certificate, or a degree offered by your former school and language test certificates. Once you have all the documents, you can submit them via the website mentioned above.
  4. Germany has a lot of opportunities for both local and international students. At this point and time, nursing is one of the most rewarding career choices due to shortage of personnel. As such, most institutions offer this program at a lower price while providing the students with financial aid. Applying to German universities offering nursing education is simple, but you might experience stiff competition due to current circumstances.
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Top Nursing School of Germany:


  • Am I socially minded and interested in nursing and medical tasks?
  • Do the close physical contact with sick and elderly people bother me?
  • Am I available to give advice and have small talks?
  • Am I a team player or can work independently?
  • Am I responsible and remain calm in difficult situations?
  • Can I see blood and not be afraid to give injections?
  • Do I not shy away from desk work?
  • in hospitals
  • in specialist practices
  • in health centres
  • in old people’s homes and nursing homes
  • in dormitories for people with disabilities
  • in outpatient social services
  • at health insurance / medical services

From health and nursing staff to …

  • OP-Pflieger
  • Specialist Nursing – Intensive Care / Anaesthesia
  • Specialist Nursing – Oncology
  • Specialist nurse – Hygiene
  • Specialist Nursing – (Gernot-) Psychiatry
  • Specialist in Nursing and Nursing
  • Specialist in social and health care
  • Quality Manager in Healthcare
  • wound Manager

Or you study health care, nursing management, science, education at a university or college.

  • Documentation
  • Application form filled
  • Resume
  • 10th
  • 12th standard
  • bachelors of Nursing all certificates
  • Degree, Experience certificate
  • B1/B2 Certificate
  • Passport copy all pages
  • Documents translation from English to German with notary.