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Are you looking for opportunities to study in Germany? Rhein Konsultant is a single-window to cater to all your requirements. Our education consultants counsel the students to make the correct decision, to accomplish their dreams, and to secure their bright future. Our headquarters are established in Delhi, Trivandrum, Patna, Guwahati, Calicut, and Haryana.

Rhein Konsultant is one of the flourishing education consultancies in India, that strives to assist students in fulfilling their dreams. We truly believe that Knowledge is the greatest power. From analyzing student profiles and right university selections to visa processing, we help students to pursue their overseas education in Germany.



Germany is a hub for students pursuing higher education. It should come as no surprise to us that Germany is one of the most leading nations in the world in terms of technology, art, and economy. And this huge advancement of the country solely stems from its educational system and background. Unlike in any other country, it not only provides for a large number of worldwide ranked universities for students to choose from but countless courses and globally valued degrees that promise high employability and affordable living. That’s why thousands of international students trust their education to the best German public universities. So in short, Rhein Konsultant advises Indian students about the free study in Germany, which means there is little to no tuition fees required in German public universities.

There are also several options for multiple courses to study in Germany in English. Our branches (in Delhi, Patna, Trivandrum, Gurugram) also guide each student towards the best university in Germany for their ‘Study in Germany’ programs after graduating 12th standard and bachelors.

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Aston University

Our commitment to research, enterprise and inspiring teaching delivers local and global impact.
Students from over 120 countries choose to study at Aston University - a safe and friendly campus enjoyed by a global, multicultural community. Birmingham is one of the UK’s most diverse cities and home to an unrivalled cultural heritage, top sporting events, music, performing arts and outstanding world cuisine.

University of Hamburg

Universität Hamburg is northern Germany’s largest and most diverse center of research. The University is known for its outstanding basic research as well as its applied and transfer research projects. 5 core research areas and 5 emerging fields shape research at our University.
Universität Hamburg has a strong track record of acquiring external funding in both individual and collaborative projects. In addition to 4 clusters of excellence, we currently participate in 17 collaborative research centers, 21 German Research Foundation research groups, and 52 German Research Foundation priority programs; in a majority of cases, Universität Hamburg supplies the spokesperson.

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