Germany is one of the popular and preferable study destination for students. Students enjoy the quality of service German universities provide them. Many things make students come to Germany and settle down here. Germany is known as a home of the top-ranked universities in the world.

Germany is the best study destination for the students, and that is the reason there are many german consultancies in Delhi, as well as in different states. Students always come up with an interest in studying in Germany but have we ever thought why students want to go to Germany; and why there are so many consultancies for study abroad.so the reason behind this is that; Germany offers free education in government universities, as well as they offer more than 7000 courses to choose from.

Similarly; Rhein Konsultant the German consultancy in Delhi is particularly working for Germany only. Their main motive is to assist each student who is seeking an interest in getting admission to Germany. the german consultancy in Delhi provides end to end services to the students and work for the benefit of students. This is the only consultancy who has its channel partners in Germany, and this makes rhein Konsultant different from other consultancies.

The first and best service that students use to get is that education is free in Germany and that is the main thing that attracts them to come and pursue higher education form Germany.

Free education in Germany for international students, is a perk for international students. In Germany there are two types of universities public and private, so the public universities are the only universities that offer free education in Germany for international students. Today everyone knows that education is really important for all, and when education is provided for free it is a dream come true for the students. Every time people as that why students demand studying in Germany, so the reason is simple and valid that there is free education in Germany for international students.

One’s a student fly to Germany, he/she becomes an international student in Germany.

as mentioned there are two types of universities, private and so in public the education is free but what about private universities; at the private universities of Germany, the fees are about 26000 Euros/ per year for a bachelors course and for masters it is about 40000 euros/ per year. Fees may differ according to the courses.

In other countries also private universities charge more than public universities, but you can’t find any other country that provides free education. Even public universities use to charge some amount for education.

Germany is the only country where public universities do not charge a single penny from international students for any of the educational programs. There are almost 300 public universities that offer free education in Germany for international students.


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