German cities – Career in Germany

Germany has the fourth highest nominal GDP in the world, making it one of the most powerful economies. Traditionally, the rate of unemployment in Germany is small (around 5%). German cities boast a large number of innovative high tech companies and its fast-growing industrialization is causing an outburst in the number of available jobs. Subsequently, many ex-pats travel to work in Germany and seek a better future.

But there are a lot of German cities, each offering diverse job opportunities with higher salaries, affordable living costs and additional benefits alongside.

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Here are the 10 best German cities :

The German capital Berlin is home to big and globally recognized companies that are amongst the biggest employers in the globe. Berlin is an endless pool of job opportunities and career pathways, thus the number of ex-pats coming to seek jobs in this city has been ever-growing.

There is a wide range of salaries, high enough to build a safe and bright future despite the fact that living costs in Berlin are quite higher. In addition to countless job opportunities and financial benefits, Berlin is a perfect thriving environment for aspiring individuals who are eager to start a successful career in big companies. ICT, media, and Innovative technologies are the strongest employment sectors in Berlin.

Frankfurt is the fifth biggest German city being home to 717,624 residents, according to the latest official recordings. In terms of area coverage, it is the largest city in the state of Hesse. Frankfurt is a global leading financial center.

The largest city in the state of Bavaria, Munich is a mecca for prospective employees. The city enjoys a strong international profile in the industrial sector, particularly in Engineering, innovative technology and health industries.

612,441 people reside in Stuttgart making it one of the top ten largest German cities in terms of population. In addition to this Stuttgart is one of the strongest commercial metropolitan areas in Germany.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany valued as a national center of commerce. Seaports are what most people associate Hamburg with, but there are other economic sectors at which the city does very well.

Being home to more than a million residents and many manufacturing and business industries, Cologne has a highly developed economy, making it one of the best cities in Germany for work.The automotive industry stands at the core of the economy of this city. But there are other economic sectors that promise a high rate of employment for you. Media and insurance service sectors are highly developed.

Dusseldorf is a national and a global center of business and science. It is estimated that around 85,000 companies are based in this city which translates into a higher employment rate and excellent future prospects.

Bonn stands among the best German cities for work in terms of salaries and job variety. There are countless small and medium-sized businesses around and chances to find a good well-paid job are high.

Leipzig is an industrial city and it prides a rich job market in terms of job variety and wages. Biggest industry functioning in this city is the automotive industry with. Two worldwide known companies BMW and Porsche are based in Leipzig and to date are the biggest employers in the area.

Darmstadt is a city located in the federal state of Hesse with a population around 160,000 residents. The majority of its citizens are employed thanks to an extensive network of employers.