Rhein Konsultant is the leading German consultancy in Delhi. We are the only consultancy who works only for Germany that too for the Government University of Germany. We all know about the economic status of Germany, it is the highest as compared with other countries.


Germany is the best study destination for the students, and that is the reason there are many german consultancies in Delhi, as well as in different states. Students always come up with an interest in studying in Germany but have we ever thought why students want to go to Germany; and why there are so many consultancies for study abroad.so the reason behind this is that; Germany offers free education in government universities, as well as they offer more than 7000 courses to choose from.

Similarly; Rhein Konsultant the German consultancy in Delhi is particularly working for Germany only. Their main motive is to assist each student who is seeking interest in getting admission to Germany. the german consultancy in Delhi provides end to end services to the students and work for the benefit of students. This is the only consultancy who has its channel partners in Germany, and this makes rhein Konsultant different from other consultancies.

At Rhein Konsultant; the german consultancy in Delhi believes in creating awareness about the education system of Germany, giving valuable information, and motivating the students to pursue their higher education for free and grab the opportunity. Germany knows the value of education and treats education as the priority and weapon. This German consultancy in Delhi; give a proper career counseling with transparency and honesty. The entire team of german consultancy in Delhi knows the entire in and out information of the german education system and they devote there full time to every student as well as for the application.

Rhein Konsultant

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