In-House Service

  1. Welcome Package: Upon arrival, you will be picked and would be taken to lunch/dinner, as per time schedule and will move into your room, where will be having a small snack package with food and drink, as well as a pillow, sheets, blankets, and cleaning supplies.
  2. Accommodation Booking: Apartments: During the Language course, you will get a double bedroom with a roommate. You will share the kitchen, Hall, and bathroom. After the successful completion of your language course, you will have several options for housing and will be guided by KKV Team. Rent will be Inclusive of extra charges like electricity, water, and heating, etc.

***Any special requirements as per suitability in terms of girls and boys, extra charges

would be applicable.

  1. Notebook as a welcome kit.
  2. Sim card
  3. Health Insurance Assistance for renewal of visa and any other obligatory requirements.
  4. City Registration
  5. Blocked Account Activation Process.