Germany is the best option for studies. It is known as the popular study destination. People living in Germany and studying over there is somehow much easier; but what about the students living in India who want to pursue their higher studies from Germany. The basic problem students use to suffer is language. Language is an important thing which required to live in any country.

Like in India we have our mother tongue as Hindi, similarly, each country has its known mother tongue. The mother tongue of Germany is German, it is very important to know this language if you are planning to shift in Germany; as in Germany they strictly follow this rule of speaking in their mother tongue.

Now it’s not an easy task to learn the German language in clicks, there are particular levels through which we can learn the German language.

So let’s look after the levels in the German language course.

There are around five levels in German language course A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1; let’s know about these levels in detail.


A1 Level: Beginner’s level

This is the elementary level in a German language course at this level you get an idea about how you can simply inquire through reading and writing. You learn how to give instructions and you build up your basic grammar skills.

A2 Level: basic level

Through this level, you can easily learn to express your feelings and expressions with another person as you get familiar with situations.

B1 level: vantage level of German language course

In this level, you learn, how to deal with the native speaker; who is fluent in the German language. You get confidence and self-ability to deal with the situations.

C1 Level: advanced level

In this level, a student is taught to understand the difficult and long text. Through this level, you get an idea of how to use the German language in social and academic areas.

C2 Level: Proficient level

This is basically the last and master level of the German language course, after completing this level you are done with your German language course you get proper knowledge of the language and can basically deal with anything.

These were the levels in German language courses, hope this information will help you a lot.

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