The public educational institute in Germany is the Studienkolleg. Studienkolleg is designed for students who come from other countries to study in Germany.

In Studienkolleg, students are taught about their specific course in particular 2 semesters, that too for the students who come up to pursue a bachelor’s exam. The courses which are included under Studienkolleg are :

  • G-course for the humanities
  • W-course for social sciences (including economics and law)
  • M-Course for medical studies
  • T-Course for technical studies (engineering, math, physics, chemistry)
  • S-Course for philology
  • GD-course for Art and Design studies
  • SW-course for Social Science studies

These all are the courses which are therein studienkolleg in Germany. As well all know in Germany schools are till 13th standard, and in India and many of the other countries it is till 12th only, so to cover this gap of one year, student have to take admission is studienkolleg in Germany so that they can gain knowledge of the particular subject and can compete with the students of Germany.

Depending upon the study program you want to pursue in Germany, you will be required to attend the course in Studienkolleg.

There are a few steps which are required to follow for applying for studienkolleg in Germany

  • Check the courses which are recognized in Germany, so that you can plan to study in Germany accordingly.
  • Find studienkolleg according to the course
  • Check the requirements of the studienkolleg
  • Apply for studienkolleg: there Are two particular deadlines for applying for the studienkolleg, for the summer semester you need to apply before 15th January, and for the winter semester, you need to apply before 15th July.
  • Get your student visa for Germany

This is all about studienkolleg in Germany, which is important; it is the initial part which is required before you enter in the German government universities.

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